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Mambukal Mountain Resort

Mambukal Mountain Resort is a resort that has hot sulfur spring and seven waterfalls.  There are lots of amenities to enjoy in Mambukal resort.  Situated in Murcia, Negros Occidental, going to the resort would take you 30 to 40 minutes travel from Bacolod city.  This place is great for family picnics and even for campers since they allow tents inside the vicinity.  There are also rooms and dormitory rooms for overnight stay.

How To Get There:

From Bacolod City downtown area ride a jeepney with the signage (Libertad-Shopping La Salle), for 7.50Php, ask the driver to drop you off in the bus terminal bound for Mambukal.  Take the bus with the signage Bacolod-Mambukal with 35Php fare.  It will take you straight to the resort.


Boating Lagoon

Butterfly Garden 

Riverview Hot Spring

Canopy Walk/ Hanging Bridge 

The Waterfalls 


Hot Sulfur Spring 

The Pool 

 Ishiwata Bath House 

There are indeed lots of things to do in Mambukal.  A day is not enough to enjoy all of the amenities..  For family outings, this place indeed is a must-visit.

Once you arrive in the entrance area, do not forget to visit the tourism office and ask for a map so that you will be guided accordingly on the attractions.  There are several signs/direction within the resort so that you wouldn’t get lost.

I advise that you bring food for picnic.  You can also do grilling in their designated grilling stations.


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Kawasan Falls: One of the World’s Most Beautiful!

Kawasan falls is situated around 100 plus kms south of Cebu City.  It is located in Brgy Matitunao, Badian, Cebu.  It is one of the major tourist attraction in Cebu.  Tourists flock in the area on a daily basis and often triples on a weekend along with local tourists.  I have been there twice and I never got bored with the view.  It is indeed a majestic waterfall.  In an article on Yahoo Travel dated July 2012, it is dubbed as one of the World’s Most Beautiful Waterfalls.

How To Get There:

From Manila:  Take a 45-minute plane to Cebu and in the airport you can hire a cab or rent-a-car service that will take you to Kawasan.  If you are a budget traveler, I suggest that you take the bus at the South Bus Terminal or Van at the One Citilink Terminal.  Just take a cab in going to the terminal.

From Cebu City:  Take a cab going to the South bus terminal and take the bus going to Badian or you may also take the v-hire/van in One Citilink terminal.

You also have the option to rent a car that offers airport transfer to hotel and hotel to kawasan vice versa.  Try visiting Extra Mile Auto rentals, or call them at landline # (032)343-3775 or mobile # (+63)9228433775.  They offer the lowest deals in town.

Remind the driver to drop you off in Kawasan Falls, the landmark that you would find where you should stop is a chapel at the left side. Some people/guide are there to accompany you but you have to give tips to them.  If you are adventure-seeking individual, you would not need any guide since there are plenty of road signs going to the falls.  It is a 15- to 20-minute trek going to the falls.

Here are some views you can find along the way going to the falls:

Once you get there, you can rent a cottage worth 300Php or more, depending on the number of people.

You can also rent a raft that would take you near and under the falls.

The Majestic view of the falls.

Kawasan Falls aint most beautiful for nothing.  It is undisputed by critics and appreciated by whining tourists.  You must see it for yourself.  When you are planning of visiting Cebu, you should not miss Kawasan Falls.  A day or two spent in Kawasan falls and nearby vicinity like Badian island would be a perfect and affordable getaway.