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The Modern Toilet Taiwan

IMG20181008204135 This unique bathroom-themed restaurant in Taiwan will either give you thrill while eating or take your appetite away. For some, it might be an unpleasant idea for a dining ambiance, but hey, they are attracting locals and even foreigners who are visiting the country.

Before visiting Taiwan, I have been seeing this particular cafe/restaurant making rounds on the internet and it made me very curious. When I saw the pictures, it made me think twice if I should visit this place and try their food. At first, I was thinking “ahh maybe just visit for the pictures and experience.” but I cam to realize “why not try their food?! it is just a state of mind anyway!” lol. So here it goes. Here are some reasons why you should give it a try!


  1. The Ambiance is actually nice.

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In contrary to what I have been expecting about the “feels” of the dining experience, it was actually great. The place is well lighted and well designed. It does not have foul odor or any smell that you can associate with a “bathroom” at all. Even their toilet bowls are very clean that you can never think of it being dirty.

2. The Food. Here are some food that we bought.

IMG20181008195658 These may look unpleasant to you but I tell you, these are yummy!

IMG20181008194732 Their pasta is delicious too!

IMG20181008194825 I don’t remember what this is, but i ate it anyway. lol

3. Ice Cream!

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Their poop ice cream is a must-try! Just do not think about poop when you eat it!

For our overall experience, I will give them a 4 out of 5. The food is fine but not that extremely amazing; their theme is unique that you should give it a try when you visit Taiwan; service is good and oh just a heads up, they are on cash basis only (or could be during our visit).



IMG20181008195706 My wife enjoying her poop dining. haha

How to get there?

I actually do not know how many branches they have in Taipei, but the one we visited is on Ximending. It can be easily located in google maps. The nearest train station is Ximen station and take a short walk from there (maybe around 5-10 minutes).

IMG20181008203606 So when you plan to visit Taiwan, do not forget to drop by! And oh, more Taiwan travel and food posts to come so keep posted!

See you on our next post! 🙂