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Snapshots of Sinulog 2014

 This is my second time to write about a Sinulog Festival in my blog.  I just can’t stop myself in sharing to you people the elegance of this event this year. Sinulog 2014 was a blast and so far, it is the most peaceful sinulog that I have ever witnessed. Last year’s sinulog was a bit wild, but Sinulog 2014 was a whole lot more of a crowd. Each year, sinulog’s crowd would evolve. This year, we just had the craziest street party. It is where social statuses is of no regard. It is where the less-fortunate people, the middle class, and the elites would meet and just be friends and have fun in a clean way.

It is the only day where Cebuanos would be “AFK” and just be out in the streets. It is the time where real Chats would happen; not just facebook chats or any IMs. It is where the real social networking happens.

It is so nice to see that even though technology tends to ruin the social life of Cebuanos, there would be a day where we would just forget facebook or the internet just to meet real people outside the streets!

Here are some of Sinulog 2014’s sneak peek:    you wouldn’t wanna drive here for sure!

 these people are dancing without music. just all of them chanting and shouting “pit senyor!”

The Best Way To Avoid the Crowd! lol

The Parade:    Good thing we got a good view from here.

          As Always, Sinulog 2014 has been so colorful and lively.

 Ramon Bautista in the house

Sinulog would not be the grandest festival in the Philippines if there is nothing about it. Truly, it offers you the best experience of party rockin’. There were about 4 million estimated tourists who flocked the Metro for the celebration. Next year, it would be even better. So now you have the glimpse of what sinulog is, you better not miss the next Sinulog! And oh, in case you did not know, it is always on the third Sunday of January. See you next year!

A glimpse of Sinulog 2013

Sinulog is the grandest of all festivals in Asia. It is happening every third sunday of January (so if you are looking forward for the next sinulog, then try to find your calendar and start counting up to three sundays of January) celebrating the feast of the holy child Jesus in the queen city of the south, Cebu.  Sinulog 2013 drawn more than 4 million spectators and visitors from different places, local or international tourists.  It is a week-long celebration with various activities such as Ms. Cebu, kickoff of band competitions, dance competition, cultural presentations, school presentations, sport activities, sinulog sa kabataan, prayer vigils for the devotees; on Saturday, the fluvial parade and the procession; and finally, on the feast day Sunday, the grand mardigras, with the street parties.. Caution:  You can get wet from beers and get messy from face paints when walking along the streets.  The crowd is in party mode.

What can you see when you visit Sinulog:

The Colorful costumes of the contingients.

Beautiful Smiling Faces

Visiting Celebrities.

Being in the line without getting bored.

Colorful Props and Wonderful Giants

From Formal Street Party

To Crazy Street Party Rockin’

Henna Tattoos

Tribal, Disco, Rock, Reggae Bands everywhere


Celebrate Friendship..

And Of course, experience it with your loved one…

What else in life we could ask for? Just enjoy it and live the most out of it!

If you are planning to party next sinulog, book a hotel as early as now!  You might end up sleeping in the streets… Ciao!

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