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Metro Manila: Rail Cruisin’ From Blue to Yellow Line

   For A Day, We decided to visit the major malls in metro manila and other landmarks.  For us not to get lost, we just followed the MRT 3 stops and took the LRT 1 line going back to central station. It was a nice experience getting lost in the big city. Good thing we did not experience heavy traffic when we were there.

First Stop: Baclaran 

This is the Baclaran Redemptorist Church. It is located at the center of the very busy Baclaran district. When visiting the vicinity, always be alert and be aware of pickpockets.

We took a stroll going up to Baclaran MRT station, and poof!, the journey begins!

Second Stop: Ayala Station                                                              Glorietta


Makati is indeed a nice place to shop, window shop, or simply strolling.  You will see a lot businessmen here..

Third Stop:  Ortigas

SM Megamall   

 Cream Puffs anyone?!

Fourth Stop:  North Edsa                                                                           TriNoMa (Triangle of North Manila)  

SM North Edsa   

 Chow! =)

North Edsa is our last stop for MRT.  This time, we are going to take the yellow line, which is the older one.

From Roosevelt Station we headed straight to Central Station.   Manila City hall is one of the landmarks you can see near the central station. From Manila, we took FX back to get some rest. We ran out of time that day so we decided to visit our next itinerary the next day.

Next Destination:  Mall Of Asia   

Experiencing the MOA eye  

 MOA eye gives you a stunning bird’s eye view of the metropolis.

 Trip highlight: Julie Anne San Jose.. heheh..

 Dinner time at last!

Last Stop: Resorts World Manila  

We really had the time of our lives wandering the big city. It is also nice to explore a concrete jungle sometimes. You might be lucky enough to find something useful.

Get up, Stand up! On your feet now!

Choose Manila, Choose Philippines!

Intramuros: The Walled City of Manila

Intramuros is a walled city found at mouth of Pasig River in Manila.  It was built in the 16th century by the Spanish Conquistadores.  The walls serves as a protection from moro invasions.  Up until today, several Spanish structures are still standing and the government are making efforts in preserving these treasures.  It was destroyed by the Japanese invasion but repaired in 1952.

Places To Visit:

Metropolitan Theatre

Just outside the gates of Intramuros (near LRT central station) you will find the Metropolitan theatre.

Central Post Office Building

You will also find this structure just outside the gates of Intramuros.

Within the Gates of Intramuros:


Palacio Del Sana

San Agustin Church

The Manila Cathedral

Palacio Del Gubernador

Fort Santiago

Rajah Sulayman Theatre

Rizal Shrine

HOw to get There:

From NAIA:  You can take a Cab and tell the taxi to take you to Intramuros.

From South Harbor:  You can take a cab, FX, or jeepney.  Just ask the people around on what route to take.

TIP:  Bring your umbrella if you just intend to walk around the walled city, otherwise you can just have a Calesa Tour for 350php per hour if you want to savor the moment.

Intramuros is a great place for a day stroll.. But of course, it is best experienced if you are with your loved one.

Enjoy your Day!

Welcome Netizens!

Hello Netizens!

We all know that once we turn on our computers and access the web, we, regardless of race or where in the world we came from, are the same citizens of the internet world. I know some of you came to find my blog through search engines.  I am here to share little things about the beauty of my country, the Philippines and I hope that my blog would be of help for the travelers who happens to be their first time in the country.

In my blog you will find some facts and some of my travel experiences and my preferred services.  However, I do not have broad knowledge in all the places in the Philippines since I haven’t been to all wonders of my country.  But I am making this as a crusade.  To explore the wonders of my own land.

I am from the City of Cebu, and I prefer budget travelling which is what I am doing right now, and I find it very fulfilling.  I know there are a lot of backpackers our there who travel alone, but for me I find travelling worthwhile when I spend it with my other half.  Yes, indeed, I enjoy travelling with my loved one.


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