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Malapascua Island: A Drop of Heaven on Earth

 Malapascua is an island paradise located in the northernmost part of Cebu. It is heaven to those who love diving, and playground to those who love the beach.  Bounty Beach, the tourist hotspot of the island, offers wide range of beachfront accommodation, but compared to Bantayan and Camotes Island, Malapascua has higher rates and dining is costly, so if you are planning to visit the place, you should prepare enough budget.

How To Get There 

   From Cebu City: Take the Northbound buses found in North Bus Terminal (preferably Ceres Bus) Aircon bus fare is around 170 Php from Cebu to Maya Port (wharf going to Malapascua).  Take the regular motorbanca going to Malapascua; fare is around 80 php per person. (Beware of special trip scam where other people would persuade you to pay for higher price). You can then take a walk to your respective accommodations upon arrival in Malapascua or you can just hire motorcycle.

Malapascua’s Beachfront  

Where To Stay      

Resorts found in Bounty Beachfront                                                                                      Cocobana Resort  

Ocean Vida Resort         

contact # 0917 303 8064

Malapascua Legend   

Exotic Dive Resort       

Mike & Diose Aabana Beach Resort     

Inland Accomodations                                                                                                                   Purple Snapper Resort                   

Hiltey’s Hideout                                            

We stayed in Cocobana. Personally, my experience in Cocobana is nice.  Beachfront is great. Accommodation is just fine.  It is just adjacent to Malapascua Wharf.

Things To Do/Where To Visit:

Swimming and Snorkeling:

Coral Garden   

Japanese Shipwreck    

Dakit-dakit Islet Table Corals  

Los Bamboos  

 Spend some time sitting and chatting in los bamboos sandbar.  It is like a public plaza for the locals here.  A lot of locals spend their siesta and leisure time in los bamboos.

The Lighthouse  

From the fantastic water adventures to the inland tour, all we have to spend is just a thousand bux – all in! Thanks to our friendly guide, Ronnie who happens to also have a motorbike that is why he went an extra mile and gave us an inland tour in los bamboos and the lighthouse. If you are interested in getting his number, it is 09491810903. Just negotiate with him and he will definitely give you a good deal.

Where To Eat

Ging-Ging’s   Ging-ging’s is the most popular and the cheapest restaurant in the island. The food is great so you do not have to worry if you are concerned with the quality of the food being served.

Here are some dishes we ordered:   Sweet and Sour Fish (Escabeche)


 Chicken Curry

Fried Chicken


We spent most of our meals here in Ging-ging’s because we just loved their food.

La Isla Bonita Restaurant  

Daya Barbecue  

 If you are on a tight budget then look for this barbecue place.  The food is not the great but you can really save.  It is really hard to find affordable food while you are in a very expensive island.

We really fell in love with the beauty of Malapascua. The only pain the butt (for my girlfriend) are the big waves that keeps on hitting our boat crossing Malapascua and back to Maya; otherwise, all is well. Here are some images we took while discovering this Island Paradise: 

We are surely coming back someday but this time we will make sure that the weather condition is perfect.  Malapascua is really a drop of heaven on earth. So if you are planning to discover Philippine’s Beaches, then never miss Malapascua Island!

Choose Malapascua Island, Choose Philippines! 🙂

Moalboal Has Little Secret

Moalboal is a small town located in the southwestern part of the province of Cebu.  This place is a favorite diving spot of the divers; Filipinos or even international divers.  Moalboal is known internationally as one of the best dive spots in the world, specifically Pescador Island.  For beach-lovin’ individuals or groups, this place also offer nice white sand beach and various resorts are found here.  The white beach is located in Brgy Saavedra of the said town.  Food are also offered within the vicinity or the resort that you will be staying.

How to get there:

-From Manila, you take the plane or Boat going to Cebu then from the airport/port hire a cab and tell the driver to take you to the South bus terminal (if you prefer to ride a bus), or tell the driver to take you to One Citilink Terminal (if you prefer to ride a van/vhire which I suggest for faster travel time), then choose the bus/van going to Moalboal.  When you arrive in town proper, you can hire a motor cab that will take you to the resort area which is in Brgy Saavedra.

Where to Stay:

There are plenty of resorts that you can choose from and here are some of them that I highly suggest:

1.  Barefoot Beach resort

2. Savedra Beach

3. Turtle Bay Dive Resort

Those are just some of the resorts that you can enjoy in Moalboal.

If you are a group or couple that wants to save money, you can choose a private beach house.  You can really enjoy the moment together because it is very peaceful in there.  We stayed there and I found them very accommodating.  They can even cook for you, you just buy the food in the market and let them cook for your meal with a very cheap charge.

The contact person is the owner herself, her name is Ester and her number is 09275785983.

Here are some of our pictures of the place.


We Rented this room for only 2000 php for a group of 10.. It has its own CR, CaTv, dining table, two double beds with extra foams.

My experience in Moalboal is worthwhile and unforgettable because it was a surprise celebration for the birthday of my girlfriend and celebrated it with friends..

For me, Moalboal is a simple and quiet place yet has a little secret that could surprise you!  Enjoy!