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Dakong Bato Resort: The Big Rock of Dalaguete

Dakong Bato Resort is located in Coro, Dalaguete, Cebu.  It is around 100 kms south of Cebu province and about 2 hours of travel by bus. The resort offers wide range of amenities for the whole family. Local tourists often visit the place on weekends, so it is much better to visit the place on a weekday if you want to enjoy the place just for yourselves. They have rooms for families or couples that can be used overnight. They have two pools; both are 5 feet max.  You can also enjoy the beach if you want to.  It offers stunning view of Cebu Straight, facing the island of Bohol.

How To Get There:  From Cebu City, take the bus going down south in Cebu South Bus Terminal. Again, choosing Ceres Aircon Bus would be the best option for safety and convenience.  It would cost you around 100-110 php per person.; just tell the bus crew to drop you off in Dakong Bato. The resort is just adjacent to the national road, so you do not have to take another ride which is a pain-in-the-arse for most people.

  The Swimming Pool   

    Pool 2  

The Beach    

Hello to the Pool and the Beach

Resort Accommodation       

      The accommodation we chose is good for two.  I like it because we already have our own dining table just outside the room with a very great view of the sea.

Here are some shots we took from our balcony:       The breathtaking view just gives you broad perspective in life.

The Food             We had their house special, Kamayan, for dinner. Yummy! 

            Tocilog and Baked Mac for Brunch.. 🙂  

Dakong Bato Restaurant’s Menu   

Getting Around The Resort                                                                            The Resort Lobby    

The Garden         b

The Beachfront     

The Resort’s Structures                  

We went to this place to celebrate our Anniversary.  We want to move on with our lives even though our families were affected by the recent typhoon. We are still thankful that our families in typhoon-hit areas are doing well and moving on with life. With this, we are able to celebrate Christmas and New Year in a more meaningful way.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of You!

Keep on Movin’!  Never stop Explorin’!


Osmeña Peak: A Different Perspective

  Osmeña Peak is known to be the highest point of elevation in the island of Cebu.  It is around 1000 meters above sea level. It is located in the southern part of the Cebu province, specifically Mantalongon, Dalaguete. Mantalongon is dubbed as the “Summer Capital of Cebu” or the “little Baguio” because of its climate.  It is probably the coldest part of Cebu.  Mantalongon is also a major player in trading vegetables, crops, and flowers, in the island.  I also observed that there are several plants and trees in the vicinity that we could not find in the big city, or in the lower land. It is indeed a nice place to visit.

How To Get There:  From Cebu City, you can take either an aircon bus or a non-aircon bus. I suggest that you take the bigger buses (Ceres Bus) because they are safer. Take any Ceres liner going to Dalaguete or Bato-Oslob. Tell the steward to drop you off the corner going to Mantalongon, and take a single motorcycle ride going to Mantalongon. It would cost you 50php per person. If you opt for a cheaper ride, you can actually ride non-aircon buses going straight to Mantalongon, but it their schedules are very unpredictable. You can find them somewhere near carbon market. It would be an hour-and-a-half hike or two in going up to the peak. Yeah, it is quite tiring for first timers but I am sure that once you are already up there, it is really worth the trek.  Just make sure that you have a guide in going up there.  If you do not know of someone, you can just ask someone from there to guide you. It is better to choose the local kids because they do not demand something, just a little coin or some food will do.

Breakdown of fare:  Bus – 105 + Motorcycle – 50 = 155 x2 = 310 Php/pax Two way.

Prepping for the Trek:   This is the busy marketplace of Brgy Mantalongon, Dalaguete, Cebu.

Mantalongon’s Simple living.. 🙂

 Warm welcome amidst the cold climate

Make sure you have to fill your stomachs first before going up because you might faint. Faint not because of the tiring trek, but because of the breathtaking scenery. 🙂

Here are some of scenes you can find while trekking:         The Grotto

Pine Trees are everywhere!

             A Calvary Hill

 Green, green, and green with fresh air.

                                  Cabbage, pechay, and other vegetables.

 Flowers everywhere!

      Are we there yet?

       The Peak, at last! Hurray! 

Going up was a tiring trek but you will enjoy each other’s company along the way. You will also meet friendly people and unusual plants, trees, and other stuffs. Just always remember the golden rule: “Take nothing but pictures, kill nothing but time, and leave nothing but footprints.”  Once up there, you will forget everything including your tired body. Up there, you will see a different perspective; you will see things better; you can think clearer; and you can feel your creator telling you “behold, my creation!” I might have missed a Sunday gathering that day but it was a wonderful encounter with my creator. The breathtaking view up there is indeed an evidence of God’s authority as the creator.  Now I know why Moses loved to spend a lot of time going up to the mountain.

Here are some images I took while on top:  

Meet the IntelliKatKat! hahah  

Me and my girlfriend have bee to different places but this one is special.  We have to endure a long walk first before satisfying our eyes.  For you guys out there, you should try to visit Osmeña Peak!  Challenge yourself and start conquering mountains!

Choose Philippines, Choose Osmeña Peak!