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Cebu City: The Queen City Takes Pride

(photo credits:  wikipedia)

Cebu City was once the capital of the Philippines until it was transferred to Manila.  It is now the second city of the Philippines and is dubbed as the “Queen City of The South.”  Cebu is one of the favorite destination of tourists in the country because of its white sand beaches, shopping, historical landmarks, and any other activities under the sun; from snorkelling and diving deep down underwater with its rich marine life to trekking inland to the mountain area, or simply wandering around the city and shopping in malls or in marketplaces.  In everything that you can think of, Cebu could always have it for you!

What To Do/Where to Visit:

Malls:  Ayala Center Cebu, SM City Cebu, Elizabeth Mall, Banilad Town Centre, Gaisano Country Mall, SM Consolacion, Parkmall, J Centre Mall, etc

Restaurants/Food Dining:  Hukad, Golden Cowrie, Cafe Laguna, Alejandro’s (best crispy pata), Ila Puti, Mooon Cafe, Casa Verde, Rodeo Grill, Kuya J’s, Chika-an, and more!

White Beach Resorts:

Mactan High End– Maribago Bluewater Resort, White Sands Resort, Shangri-La Mactan, Plantation Bay, Imperial Palace, Crimson

Mactan Low End– Blue reef, Ocean Pearl,

Camotes– Please refer to my Camotes entry.

Bantayan Island- Please refer to my Bantayan Island entry.

Moalboal- Please refer to my Moalboal entry.

Mountain Resorts:  There are several mountain resorts that can be found throughout the island of Cebu, but if you just opt for a mountain resort within the city, you can choose Mountain View Nature’s Park.  You can get there through any cab or hire a motorbike in Lahug, Cebu City.


Mobilizing around the vicinity would be cheaper by taking jeepney.  That is if you are already familiar with the places and the route of the jeepneys.  It has always been cheaper and enjoyable to take a jeep when you want to have an adventure in this concrete jungle.  Here are some tips from me if you are planning to visit Cebu and wander around the city by jeepney:

  • Always remember the jeepney markers or numbers at the upper part of the jeepney, that is their route.  Observe first what jeeps pass by your hotel. (ex 13C, 14D, 01A)
  • Do not be shy to ask any friendly face in the jeepney, you might win a new friend.
  • Activate your sense of direction.  It is a human instinct.
  • Take the same jeepney route to and from the place of destination, but always ask the driver first because in some cases, they wont pass a certain street in going back.
  • Watch your wallet and bags at all times, knowing that you are a foreigner or a tourist makes you a probable target of snatchers/pickpockets.
  • If you get lost, the best option is to get a taxi cab.

Riding jeepney is good but taking a cab would be the best option.  And oh, make sure to take note of the cab’s plate number and operator.  You might leave something important behind.

For more Jeepny Route guide just click here:

Tourist Spots:

Cebu Taoist Temple (photo credits to George Tapan)

Magellan’s Cross (photo credits to the owner)


Places for Adventure/Hangout:

Crown Regency Sky Experience 

Danasan Eco Adventure Park (Danao)

Rainforest Park

I cannot just blog everything about Cebu because it is way too many to tell you everything and I do not even know everything about my hometown yet.  I am also still discovering.  You might be searching google for more about Cebu but I think google still does not know some things about this Metro.  All you have to do is discover the streets of Cebu!  Enjoy!

Bantayan Island: The Egg Basket’s Hidden Secrets


Along the stretch of white sand beach of Sta Fe lies Sugar Beach Resort.

Bantayan Island is an island in the northeasternmost part of Cebu. The town Sta Fe offers you a long stretch of white sand beaches while the Bantayan town is the main commercial town of the island. Bantayan is the egg basket of cebu as it is the leading producer of chicken eggs in the province.

How to get there: From Cebu City: Ride a taxicab or jeepney going to the North Bus Terminal. Ride the Bus bound for Hagnaya port in San Remigio, just a few minutes away from Bogo City. Travel time from Cebu to Hagnaya is about 2 to 3 hours. Once you get to Hagnaya port, you are going to ride a Barge that departs for Sta Fe and travel time is about 1 hour. In Sta Fe port, you can choose a wide variety of beach resorts. The beach shown in the image above is that of the Sugar Beach resort.

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T’was a pleasant weather to ride a boat.

What to do:

  • Swimming in the white sand beach.
  • Visit Ogtong Cave.
  • Visit one of the oldest church in the region which is situated in Bantayan Town.
  • Buy dried fish in Bantayan Town (the best so far).
  • Snorkeling and Island Hopping in Virgin Island (a must!).


Where to EAt:

ArJayMay Seafood Restaurant


Marisqueira O Portuguese REstaurant

Travel Cost:

  • Bus FAre: 150 to 160php
  • Boat fare: 150 php
  • Bike/Cab: 25 php port to resort transfer

Other Notable Beach Resorts:  

  • Budyong Beach Resort – (032) 438-5700, 438-9040
  • Sugar Beach Resort – 09217755058
  • Sta Fe Beach Club
  • Marlin Beach Resort
  • Kota Beach – 09187724547
  • Beach Placid – (032) 438-5700, 438-9040