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Gudauri, Kazbegi and Ananuri: When Nature Complements Faith

22279662_10154907745546269_6326299287877039014_n The moment we stepped out of our vehicle, we stumbled upon this magnificent view. It reminded us once again of how great and marvelous the Creator is. The sun was out but the temperature up there was very cold.

22308596_10154907768001269_101839703635848105_nOn top of a hill in Gergeti township in Georgia is the Gergeti Trinity Church. This is located 7120 ft above sea level. This is one of the Georgian Church’s pilgrimage sites. The road going uphill is quite rough but the moment you reach the top, I assure you that it is worth it. From Tbilisi, it would take around 3-4 hours ( I guess?) going to Gergeti and when reaching Gergeti, we had to ride a 4wd off road vehicle because of road condition. Travel is around 30 mins from Gergeti town going uphill.

22228456_10154908558911269_208220716447809368_nOn our way to Gergeti, we made a stop over in this river they call Aragvi River to freshen up.

22366441_10154919344011269_2042998144902747613_n Jinvali Dam

22405722_10154919343121269_3726073895576773050_n One of the special places we have visited is the Ananuri Fortress. The location is always packed with visitors and pilgrims alike but no matter how many people would come to visit, what I really noticed is, this place is just so peaceful and calm. I think it is because this site is surrounded by plain nature. It is just so amazing.

22310158_10154908555226269_1855371652862727463_n Wifey’s favorite is the paragliding activity in Gudauri. Well, for me, at first few minutes. Here’s why. Before take off, I was excited and when I was already airborne, I was for a minute enjoying and amazed with the view; but not long after few movements and after going in circles, I was already nauseous. But for wifey’s case, she enjoyed most of the time. Anyways, I am still happy that I have tried it at least once in my entire life – bucketlist checked! lol

This part of our Georgia journey was one of a kind, unique and worth the effort. Will surely treasure the memories we had and definitely will go back one of these days.

Until then, Madloba Georgia! 🙂