Retiring in the Philippines

Life in the Philippines as a retiree would be the best! Ask your friends who have retired in the Philippines already.  It is indeed a circus life.  Fiestas every day, street parties everywhere.  Hit the beach today, climb up a mountain tomorrow, or just do shopping the day after.  People from the US and other countries do retire here in the Philippines because of the good value for their money.  Imagine, a simple meal would only cost you around 60 cents to a bux, a pair of sneakers is just as low as around 4 bux, and of course, travelling the whole archipelago is much lesser!

The list below are the cities that I suggest to people who are planning to retire here in the Philippines, and I will also include a little description which city would fit your lifestyle.

Philippine Cities To Retire:

1.  Tagaytay – You should choose this city if you do not want to be that far from the big city and yet peaceful with fresh air and colder climate.  Tagaytay is just 2 hours from the Metro.

2. Davao – If you want to live in a big city yet you want it to be fresher, then Davao is your city.  It is currently ranked as the number 1 smoke-free city in Southeast Asia – See SunStar Article

3. Cebu – Cebu is listed as the number 1 best city to retire in the whole world, according to CBS news – read more.  This city fits all kind of lifestyle.  If you are sporty, into fashion, party animal, beach bum, food junkie, etc, this place is perfect for you!  If you plan to buy or invest in houses, condominiums, and other properties found in Cebu, click here.

4. Bacolod – Bacolod is a simple city yet home to Philippine elites.  If you are also a food junkie, Bacolod culinary is probably the best in visayas region.

5. Iloilo – Being the metropolis nearest to the island paradise, Boracay, makes this city attractive to retirees. You will also feel safer here because of the police visibility within the streets of this city.

6. Ormoc – A small city with lesser standard of living makes Ormoc an ideal place for retirees. People in Ormoc have simple way of living, this is what makes them great people to live along with.

7. Butuan – If you want to discover Mindanao, then start your adventure in Butuan. Traffic is not a problem in this city.  This city is also a nice place to invest since this is an emerging city in Mindanao – not yet congested with investments but people are starting to flock in this city.

4 responses to “Retiring in the Philippines

  1. Thank you so much for the information I am in process of planning my reitirement to the Philippines. I am from the US and my fiance’s family owns property in the Dumaguete/ Valencia area and plan on building a small home and living there. More info on that area would be appreciated… Thanks again!

    • Hello Mr Garner. Retiring in Dumaguete would be a great idea for an american like you. Valencia area is the perfect place for you since it is not that far from the city. You see, Dumaguete is second home to a lot of american retirees, so you will just blend in and cope with culture shock (if there would be any). The locals there are very friendly and harmless, just as dumaguete is dubbed as the city of gentle people so no worries.


    Enjoy the virgin island and a taste of urban living. I am sure you will enjoy Dumaguete as well as your fiance will!

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