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Guimaras Island: Breeder of the Sweetest Mangoes on Earth!

Guimaras Province is a side trip destination for the tourists who visit Boracay via Iloilo.  Though it is just a few minutes away from Iloilo, Guimaras is a separate island and is also a lone province.  Its capital town is Jordan.  It is also the gateway to Guimaras along with Buenavista Town.  It offers a lot of surprises to the tourists; from adventures to white sand beaches.  Personally, the main reason why I came to Guimaras is to taste their mangoes, because mango just happened to be my favorite fruit.  Of course, I wanted to taste the sweetest mango on earth!  And yeah, they really are amazingly sweet!  They even got served in the US’ White House.  Back to the itinerary, we only spent a day trip in Guimaras and we had a great time exploring every corners of the island.  We just had a contact named Kuya Gerald who is responsible for our transpo and the day tour but he was busy at that time because he had other guests so he endorsed us to his brother Charlie.  It went well and I highly recommend Charlie to guide you because he is a good person; someone whom you can really trust.  I will state his number later on.  It was really a great experience for me and my Guimaras travel became one of my favorites  it might become your favorite too!  So pack your things up! Let’s go to Guimaras!

Please be guided that bringing mangoes or any part of a mango is strictly prohibited in Guimaras, but bringing Mangoes from Guimaras is Highly recommended!

How To Get There:

From Manila:  You can reach Guimaras by plane via Iloilo.  Once you arrive in Iloilo just take a cab and tell the cab to take you to Ortiz Wharf (the motorboat wharf bound for Jordan).

From Cebu:  By sea, you can choose from Cokaliong Shipping Lines or Trans Asia Shipping Lines for a 12-hour travel going to Iloilo.  Once you arrive in Iloilo just take a cab or motorcab and instruct them to take you to Ortiz Wharf.  You can also take a jeepney to save money, just ask what Jeepney route that passes Ortiz Wharf.  Then Take the motorboat from Ortiz wharf going to Jordan.

A number of motorboats plying Jordan-Ortiz Wharf.

A motorboat in Ortiz wharf (FARE is 14 Php per person and 20Php during peak hours)

Loading of passengers in Ortiz Wharf

Where To Stay:  A day tour in Guimaras would do and staying in a hotel in Iloilo would be great if you want to save money and maximize your travel time.  But if you want to spend the night in Guimaras, make sure you make a booking ahead of time.  Here are some of the places in Guimaras that you could spend the night:

                        Raymen Beach Resort (Poblacion Nueva Valencia Guimaras) 0918 520 7271

Guisi Clearwater Resort (Dolores Nueva Valencia Guimaras) 09195636688

 Alubihod Cove Resort (Alubihud Beach Drive, Nueva Valencia, Guimaras)

You can actually find more accommodations and more information through the Guimaras Website.

What To Do/Where to Visit:  The following below is our Guimaras Day Trip Itinerary:

  The Smallest Park – It is indeed that smallest park and smallest Rizal statue that I have ever seen! 🙂

Guimaras’ Highest Point of Elevation

                  Guimaras Adventure Park – It was my first time to try Target Shooting. Hurray! It was fun! First time in Guimaras and first time to try Target Shooting.

Museo De Guimaras

  The Pitstop – You should stop by this place or spend your lunch here.  You should try their specialty, the Mango Pizza and Chicken adobo With a Twist – It is a chicken adobo simmered in adobo marinade with mango nectar.  Yummy!

Trappist Monastery and Gift Shop – The Trappist Monastery is home of the monks who follow the rule of St. Benedict.  They are most commonly called Trappists.  Tourists drop by the gift shop to buy goods that are being made by the Trappists Monks.  That is their way of living.  They offer Guimaras delicacies like mango bars, mango concentrate and more!

The Mango Plantation

Camp Alfredo

                    Raymen Beach Resort – Swimming time! yeay!

                            Guisi Lighthouse and Ruins – This place is awesome, tranquil, and yeah, it is very ideal for meditation.

Here are more images around the lighthouse vicinity:     This is my favorite spot in Guimaras.  The Guisi Lighthouse and ruins.

Guisi Beach – Well.  With my lady and the pristine white beach, What else could I ask for?

More Photos of Guisi Beach: 


Last Stop:  Balaan Bukid – Balaan bukid is a place where Catholic devotees flock during Holy Week to practice penetential rites.

A skyline view of Iloilo City from Balaan Bukid, Guimaras.

Contact Person/Tour Guide/Transport Service: Charlie (+639461966887 ) – Charlie is around early 20s, he is the younger brother of kuya Gerald.  He is a nice person, gentle, and very hospitable.  He can be trusted. Me and my girlfriend even left some of our things with him when we were swimming.  I assure you, he will give you the time of your lives in Guimaras.  His rate for the whole day tour is 1,000 pesos for a motorcab but we gave him 200 pesos as tip.

Or Contact Kuya Gerald- 0908-4748122 (older brother of charlie)

Guimaras is indeed a very exciting destination.  Some people might have ignored the beauty of Guimaras because it has lesser exposure to advertisements and other form of promotions.  Now I can say that I am lucky enough that our creator has given me the opportunity experience one of his beautiful creation.

So that is all for my Guimaras Tour!  Now it is your turn! c’est à votre tour! 🙂 Bon Voyage!

To know the complete itinerary of this trip, visit:  The Philippine Travel Itineraries.

Iloilo, the city of love

Iloilo City, Philippines – The major city of Panay Island located in the Western part of the Visayas.  Iloilo city was once the queen city of the south until Cebu took the title.  It is now dubbed as the city of love.  I do not really know why but I think it is because of Ilonggos’ way of communicating, they tend to be very soft spoken even though even when they are mad.  Iloilo’s downtown area, as seen in the picture above, is very in order and peaceful – this is on a maundy thursday though.

How to Get There:  From Manila:  Going to Iloilo is easy by taking plane.  There are a lot of flights from Manila going to Iloilo served by Cebu Pacific, PAL, Zest Air, and Airphil express.  Iloilo is also an option for some tourists as gateway to Boracay.  From Cebu:  Daily flights from Cebu is offered by major airline companies.  You can also travel by sea through Trans Asia Shipping and Cokaliong Shipping with daily schedules that leaves 6pm and 7pm.  If you also opt for land-barge travel, you can ride a bus in Cebu bound for Bacolod and from Bacolod you can ride a fast craft bound for Iloilo.  This is the cheapest option in going to Iloilo.

You can choose a variety of fastcrafts that serves Iloilo-Bacolod route


Transportation:  To be able to wander around the city, you can take their unique style jeepneys while enjoying the sights of the downtown area.  You can also ride tricycle and trisikad when going to nearby places.  There are also taxis that circulate around the city, so transportation is never a problem.

Where to Stay:

Circle Inn – This hotel is a nice place to stay if you have enough budget because they have a nice view of Guimaras Island and they have their own pool for their guests. (1,300php promo price for 2 pax)

City Coporate Inn – This budget inn is ideal for budget travelers yet seeking for good quality service.  (780 php room for 2 pax)

Both mentioned inns are very accessible both Ortiz wharf (port going to Guimaras) and Fastcraft terminal at Muelle Loney St (port going to Bacolod), just walking distance, one ride from the Domestic Port (from Cebu).  It is also walking distance to all establishments within downtown area.

Places To Visit:

The Provincial Capitol and Nearby Museo Iloilo(from downtown, ride a jeepney going to La Paz or Jaro or take a cab then ask the driver to drop you off in Provincial Capitol or Museum)

Jaro Belfry

(From Downtown area ride a jeepny going to Jaro)

Jaro Cathedral

Iloilo City Hall and nearby Plaza Libertad

San Jose de Placer Parish 

Santa Teresita Church 

Aduana and Muelle Street

When in Iloilo you should not miss eating their food.  I encourage you not to eat in any fastfoods.  When me and my partner were in Iloilo we were able to taste and appreciate their food.  I am talking about food at their carenderias, they have different way of cooking Filipino dishes.  And of course, when you are in Iloilo you should not miss the all-time favorite La Paz Batchoy!

From gastrotourism to archeological and historical interests, Iloilo city is indeed a place to visit! When you plan to visit Guimaras or Boracay, a day in Iloilo would be great!  Choose Iloilo, Choose Philippines!