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Once Upon a Time in Macau

12115529_10153067511971269_8045915331548522957_n Macau is dubbed as the “Las Vegas” of Asia, but for us, there is more to Macau than just “like Vegas”. This is a small piece of land(a peninsula) in the south-easternmost part of China where Portuguese established a foothold in Asia. It is a unique and special place for wanderers like us – a bit laid back but grandiosity is never compromised.

Getting there was quite fun.

906034_10153038764481650_8202143967776562676_oFrom HongKong, we took the fast ferry ride for an hour. We departed from our bnb around 8am and a went to the ferry terminal in Kowloon. we had to wait for some time for the next ferry.

11057739_10153038766126650_1351015596035632837_o Take note: You would need your passport as you are basically entering another country.

12036531_10153067128711269_4094343914427459491_n Skyline of HK on our way to Macau

1545951_10153067128946269_4491863373850145344_n Approaching Macau’s harbor.

As I have said earlier, there is more to Macau than just “like Vegas”. You can simply walk around the city and enjoy the food and gaze at the European-inspired structures. You will really feel that you are not in an Asian city.



A walk at the Senado Square is a must for all travelers. This is like a museum-city within a city.12038134_10153067508221269_6470082420789802559_n

12004035_10153067500956269_1074733799072328713_n along the way, you will find different food products. You should try one of their products, especially the Portuguese egg tart.

10362861_10153067503761269_4600781935082787742_n At the end of your walk along the vicinity of Senado Square, you will find the historic Ruins of St Paul’s. This is a historic landmark of Christianity in this part of Asia. Take your time and enjoy the view.

After strolling within the vicinity of Senado Square, we took the public bus going to the Macau Tower. It cost only 2 patacas for bus fare and you can go anywhere in the city (or we may not be aware of the real fare, lol)

10174880_10153067133006269_5015148563777880611_n The view from the top of Macau Tower.

Then from Macau Tower, we rode the complementary bus going to Venetian Macau. And yes, you heard it right! It is complementary so it is for free!

10376162_10153067513491269_967400487505879763_n We just wandered around the majestic night view of the Venetian since we do not gamble. We prefer to use our money for food! haha. 

So to wrap up our Macau trip, we headed to Fisherman’s wharf, which is near the fast ferry terminal going back to Hong Kong. And again, thanks to Venetian Macau’s complementary bus service! 10537043_10153067516061269_1348255305181884447_n Walking around Fisherman’s Wharf as we say goodbye for now Macau! We will be back!

This is one of our many memorable trips as a couple since this was our honeymoon. Yes, just few days after we got married! I thank God that this place did not disappoint us. Macau is a traveler-friendly place. Most locals may not know how to speak English, but Macau has produced all the possible resources to make one’s visit easy and memorable – like leaflets and road signs in English.

Tip: Once you arrive at the Macau Terminal, go ahead to the tourism desk and ask for a free map so you would know where to go and what to ride (bus routes are indicated as well). In our case, we did lack of research on where to go so we just plainly depended on the map. It turned out to be very helpful. Another thing, they accept HKD so you do not have to worry about money changers. But better to be prepared with coins – lots of it (for the bus rides). Lastly, just enjoy everything you will encounter in Macau – from food to experience.

Until then! We will see you again, Macau!

Gamarjoba Georgia! Khakheti and Signaghi


Signaghi (above photo) is a small and quiet town in eastern Georgia. They call this town the city of love because of some old tale. I do not really know the exact story but what I have read from some article is that there was a similar love story that of Romeo and Juliet’s that took place in this little town. Well, true or not, you will really feel the love when you get to visit this place. With the Caucasus mountain range as you backdrop, it will be perfect for some lovebird’s selfies.

It was our first day in Georgia. We arrived via FlyDubai in Tbilisi at around 5 in the morning. Guess what? It was freezing cold! It was 9 degrees C at that time, and imagine, it was still autumn! Anyways, it is not freezing for some, but for me, who have been living in a tropical country and the desert, I am not used to it.

Anyways.. going back to our story.. We then went to our apartment where we only paid quarter of a hotel’s price. Yeah, we paid less for an accommodation because we want to spend our budget to the “highlights” of our trip. Thanks to G7 Team, they gave us airport transfer services and tours as a package. I will give you their details at the end of this blog. After we freshen up from our flight, we then went ahead to jumpstart day 1 of our tour package.

First Stop!22221894_10154905935601269_3687168983199094695_nBodbe Monastery

This monastery is one of the most important sites of the Georgian Christian Faith. They call themselves as Orthodox Christians. The lady evangelist, St Nino, one of the early Christians went to Georgia to preach the gospel of Jesus. She was able to preach to the King of Georgia and was healed from his sickness. With great joy, the king accepted the Lord which lead the whole country to be declared as a Christian country. Georgia is, by the way, one of the earliest Christian Country along with Armenia. The significance of this site to Georgian Christian History is that the relics of St Nino is buried here.


We then went to Signaghi tower where they used before as an outpost as a lookout for a possible invasion from the Caucasus.22196013_10154905077406269_4613473797823137460_n

This little town indeed made us fall in love with Georgia!


We then went Kvareli where you will see another eye candy22279636_10154905066526269_143669121261105941_n

The favorite part of wifey is our visit to Khakheti’s Winery. 22467363_10154927901756269_8058332665439498378_o

Georgia is one of the countries in the world that produces great wines. Tracing back from their roots, they have been experts in wine making. For me, they are producing the best grapes in the world. Never have I tasted in my entire life such quality of a grape.

22467774_10154927902186269_2114126622083112818_oWith a minimum fee, we were able to take a tour around the winery and even experienced harvesting grapes. grapes

On our first day in Georgia, I have learned a lot of things about this country. I am fascinated with their culture and their great love for it. The Georgian people treats guests as a gift from God. I love their food – I will be talking about it later in a different post. Me and my wife were so thankful for G7 team for the friendly local guides and for going extra mile with their service. You can, by the way, contact them through their Facebook page: Kabayans and Pinoys in Tbilisi

All GCC residents, regardless of passport, does not require any visa hence we took advantage of it. Georgia is a beautiful country. There will be more to tell on our 2nd, 3rd and 4th day. See ya on my next entry!

The Beach @ Jumeira Beach Residences


This Dubai Beach Residence is one of the best beach destination that this city could offer. A mall strip is there to provide with your dining needs – from fine dining to fastfood; from chinese to arabic. There is also an outdoor theatre and a moviehouse nearby so a day at this place is never enough to spend with your loved once.

1544501_10151993342411269_4547797548878162435_n1609941_10151993342121269_7443639620414189808_n Few steps away from the mall strip is the beach where you can enjoy swimming or just bathe under the sun.

By the beach, you can unwind or just have your picnic. In the waters, you can enjoy jet ski and other water sport activities.

How To Get There: Getting there is very easy using an RTA cab. Just tell the driver to get you to “The Beach” in JBR. It would be around 30 or less USD from downtown Dubai or airport. By train, you can just simply go to Jebel Ali platform, red line, and just drop off at JLT station and ride the tram going to JBR. It would take you around 40 minutes from the airport.

What makes this place so special to us is that on the 14th of February 2014, I made the biggest proposal of my life. Yes! This is the place where I proposed marriage to my one and only. The memories that we have in this place is just simply unforgettable. That is why, in our every destination, yeah, we spend money but we make sure we are investing on memories that no money can buy.


We are Indeed Happy wherever we may be as long as we are together!

A Letter to My Future Ex Girlfriend

“I have been to paradise but I have never been to me” – Charlene

The moment I am writing this letter, you might not have any trace or idea of what is going to happen today. Today might be special for lovers because it is the valentines day but for me, it is extra special as I am now deciding to bring our relationship into the next level. But before anything else, let me express to you how grateful I am to have you; the experiences that we have together and how we conquer things and places.

We started as friends, with a bit of admiration/crush though for me, so to say because I am pretty much attracted to chinky-eyed women. I am thankful that things patched in at the right place and at the right time for us. We started to talk a lot and share things about life and your insights and perspective in life impressed me so much which lead me to falling in love with you. A few days after we started dating, I have decided quickly to put an end to it and start to commit so i proposed to you a formal relationship of officially being a couple. 387355_10150365573641269_73039172_nAt this very moment in the above photo, you said “yes” on Nov 14, 2011. That was indeed one of the happiest moment in my life. I did not expect that my life would be more colorful and full of adventures with you! On our first few months in relationship, I admit that we have been through a lot of challenges but these challenges strengthened our relationship. We had a great job and we were working together in the same company – more time for us! hurray! We discovered that traveling is indeed very helpful to our relationship hence we made a lot of travel adventures and good thing we were able to document it in a blog – This blog! (though I need to repair my previous posts are images are missing. sorry about that). Our first escapade was during your birthday and we went to Moalboal with our friends. I am so thankful to have a very supportive friends.


After that, we became travel and adventure addicts!  We have conquered the Beaches of:

Bantayan Island554708_10150602884111269_818673622_n

 Malapascua Island1006068_10151527141331269_1980694152_n

                                    Daanbantayan  942675_10151351844536269_598478918_n

                     General Luna, Siargao 1976919_10151937521176269_1917688837_n

Naked Island, Surigao del Norte 1966815_10151933995876269_741267447_n

    Dakong Bato, Dalaguete, Cebu 1472812_10151734779026269_12573824_n 

Bantigue Beach, Ormoc, Leyte 402191_10150442230771269_737020853_n

We have also visited almost all kinds of land and water forms!

The Deep Blue Enchanted River in Surigao del Sur380241_10150798336511269_495064347_n

The Wonderful Tinuy-an Falls in Bislig, Surigao del Sur485863_10150798324066269_2086792922_n

From the deep seas with the Whale sharks in Oslob 399390_10150928696231269_596285694_n

To the Highest point of Cebu in Osmena Peak 943296_10151455097011269_1649717881_n

From Taal Volcanic Lake in Batangas 580251_10151049694591269_565451452_n

To Lake Danao in Leyte                   580353_10150634504816269_927013361_n

From Lake Danao in Camotes Island 407960_10150530899386269_559788580_n 

To Timubo Cave in Camotes Island 418282_10150530915146269_1034927424_n

From Tumalog Falls                                      427495_10150926588926269_1008066969_n

To Agusan River in Butuan City   389309_10150803860091269_1897157998_n

From Magpupungko Rock Pools in Siargao 10009892_10151936974406269_1082444333_n

To Pasig River in Manila       311282_10151053285546269_1741295719_n

It is so nice to see these things with you and it made me fall in love with you over and over again. Not to mention the cities/towns and its landmarks that we have seen:

                     Oslob Ruins                                                 603552_10150926576366269_938786420_n

                 Fort San Pedro in Cebu                           401091_10150518417126269_1295633471_n

Silliman University in Dumaguete553545_10150926602131269_1797838326_n

                       Jaro Belfry in Jaro, Iloilo                                          534029_10151310685831269_1095409110_n

       The Ruins in Talisay, Negros Occidental            408111_10151315962196269_1456084961_n 

Negros Occidental Capitol Building in Bacolod72819_10151315969946269_1033109228_n

Guisi Lighthouse Ruins in Guimaras Island      57904_10151311046066269_253291311_n

Diosdado Macapagal Bridge in Butuan City      75266_10150803859701269_1001023234_n

                 Manila Ocean Park                               255441_10151049618086269_1509078357_n

We have tried all means of transportation together:

By Train3557_10151050863916269_1357977672_n                 By Boat                                                    3753_10151049604296269_801346347_n

   On a Bus                                                 971834_10151455058176269_1816360689_n         Cable Car?! Nah.. I don’t think so 156453_10151059401656269_632852195_n                                   Through a Rope                          29375_10151093021621269_1336383536_n      And lastly, on foot! the most effective transport in case of traffic jam!404500_10150466476596269_1995274161_n

Everything we had will be treasured and will always remind me of how wonderful and colorful our love is – I could not gamble it and replace it with any kind of riches of this world. As we are currently progressing with our journey together with, of course, the guidance of our good Lord, let us always be on support for each other as what we are always doing. I could not promise you everything of this world but I could promise you everything that I am.

Going back to the quote “I have been to paradise but I have never been to me.” Let me rephrase that to “I have been to paradise but I have never been to me, yet.” I am just simply saying that I have been to a lot of places and seen a lot of wonderful things. I call it paradise because I have seen it together with you. It could not have been paradise without you. I have never been to me as of yet because I have realized that one thing left is missing. I will never fully discover of who I really am and who I am going to be if I will not spend the rest of my life with my better half. Now, let me ask you. Please let me find myself by having you for the rest of my life. Will you marry me, Meriangiline?

64679_10151129690821269_1036845522_n I would be happy if you would marry me at the same date and the same place where our love blossomed for the first time.

523984_10150926578531269_776103589_n “The Earth is our battlefield and Heaven is our Home; Jesus is our King and Love is our Religion” -Moi

2013 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 34,000 times in 2013. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 13 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

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