Avoid Culture Shock in PH

Before travelling to a particular place, you should know first the customs and traditions of that particular place.  The Philippines is just one of the asian countries who follows customary discipline and preserves its rich culture, though it is often seen in provincial areas only since people in the Big Cities are already open to any foreign culture because several tourists have been flocking in the area for quite some time already.  These areas include Metro Manila, Metro Cebu, and Metro Davao, though there are parts in Davao where people still observes Hispanic Filipino culture.

Here are some examples of DOs and DONTs:


*Smile back and greet back if people do greet you.  Filipino people are indeed very friendly.

*Spend some time conversing to any locals and gain more friends so that people in that locality would be more comfortable with your presence, thus you will be more safe.  (the “do not talk to strangers” saying is not applicable here in the Philippines.  Unless the person looks very suspicious.)

*At all times, respect the elders, the women, and the children.  They are being well-taken cared of here in the Philippines.

*Eat, smile, laugh, and have fun with your Filipino friends.  We Filipinos would love to have good times.

*Give your filipina partner something valuable and sweet.  They are the world’s most sweetest.


*Hesitate to ask questions regarding directions if you got lost.  We would be more than happy to help our visitors.

*Criticize our leaders and our government.  It may be crappy, but still, we easily get irritated with whining guests.

*Ever raise your voice if you got pissed off with someone.  You might be placed in the hotseat in no time.

*Pick a fight with a Filipino, you might end up beaten up by the bystanders.  Remember, we Filipinos do help each other no matter what.

*Be a jerk.

In general, the rule is simple.  Just follow the 10 commandments in the Old Testament.  Just give a little love and put a little happiness in your stay here in the Philippines.  Don’t worry, we don’t cut heads off here.  We will just send you off back to your country if you do not behave well.

Enjoy the Philippines!

And oh, when you need medical assistance for your medications and other stuff, you can always hire private nurses that costs only 100 pesos per hour.  but they are only based in Cebu. it is a good thing if you travel in Cebu though. visit the Cebu Home Care Nurses now!


4 responses to “Avoid Culture Shock in PH

    • yeah.. when taking the domestic trips, foreigner should lower their expectations since most of domestic airliners are low cost. there are delays sometimes because of weather conditions. just enjoy the time, do not be always in a hurry when travelling. 🙂 you will be compensated with the time lost anyways. they will offer hotel accommodation and food. And travelling in mindanao is a must now since there are a lot of new places to discover. do not be afraid of the reputation.

  1. It’s very easy for you to say: , because you are Filipino but try to be a white person in the Philippines for few days and come to tell me how it was. GOOD LUCK! Many people there don’t just ask you money and leave if you say no. They insist, insist, insist and insist again until you crack and give them everything you have. If you leave they fallow you and if you run they run after you. That happened to me many times in different places in Luzon. I also must to admit that I often heard myself screaming at Filipino people because they were offering me a real service of shit. Especially in places like the wet markets, sari sari, in a jewelry, taxis and other small stores. I never scream after people but when they are searching to rip me off or offering me a service of shit I can retort. Avoiding culture shock in the Philippines is absolutely impossible when we are coming from a Western country. It`s like asking us to not judging. Judging is like thinking. We cannot not thinking. Thinking and having opinions is a huge part of us. We do it constantly. I don`t know how we`re supposed to react when we see the way people are living there: Ho, a nice bunch of cute little 2-3-4 years old brown naked babies all alone in the street! How cute and responsible! Here`s a small family of 15 persons living in a small rusty house with tires on the roof! That`s fancy baby! You don`t even know me and you`re already asking for my age, social status and what my job? How polite and delicate! Seriously cultural shocks are everywhere and all the time in the Philippines. We are not used to this lifestyle. By the way I hope you were kidding with your story about the 10 commandments. Look where they brought your country. In complete chaos and poverty! That stupid book is out of date since very long time. You should stop reading it and focusing in reality. Filipino people are not pragmatic. They are religious and emotional.

  2. I agree with Joe completely. They’re gossipy, self-centered, and absolutely horrible at customer service. Very, very agenda-ridden.

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