A Journal: How Yolanda Broke My Heart

 Sunday after the typhoon, I went to Leyte to check on my loved ones and relatives if they were doing fine after the super typhoon.  Saturday morning, I was a bit worried because all source of communication went down. Me and my girlfriend were in Cebu and decided to rush to the ticket booth to buy tickets bound for Ormoc, but sadly, they were sold out for that day.  So we decided to take a fastcraft on a Sunday morning. A few dozen people surprised us on the ticket outlet of a certain fastcraft on a sunday dawn. They were already lining up as early as 3 am. They were, as well, anxious to see their families in Leyte.  We were not able to ride the first trip because it was already full, but thank God we were able to get a ticket for the second trip.

When we arrive in Ormoc, these images below stunned me and actually made some tears fell from my eyes because I just remembered how beautiful that place was before Yolanda came. It just crushed my heart.

I apologize for the quality of the images.  I only used my phone camera.

It is never easy to look at the surroundings.  About 90% of the houses have major damages while 100%  has damage (minor or major); coconut trees were cut off and even centennial old trees fell down as well.

When we arrive in Ormoc, my girlfriend’s family was there at the port waiting for us.  It was a relief knowing that all of them are safe. Now it is my time to check on my Nanay and my sisters in the nearby towns Merida and Isabel. At first, I had a hard time looking for transportation going there because transportation operations is not functional yet because of the electric posts and trees that blocked the highway. But good thing I was able to reach my nanay through phone and asked one of his grandchild to fetch me from Ormoc using motorcycle. It was already dusk then when we traveled from Ormoc to Merida. When we were travelling, I have seen a lot of devastation along the way.  Again, it squeezed my heart.  People were sleeping along the national road because their houses were swept away. Some just made bonfire to keep their selves warm. Their primary need at that time was shelter because if it rains, they would just be wet and cold again. Food is not yet a problem since they can still eat from fallen coconuts.

In my nanay’s place, Calunangan (Merida), I was able to sit with them along with the neighbors and converse with them that night outside the house. Their houses has damages as well. No more roof and no more ceiling.  Good thing, my nanay’s house has only minor damage.  Hope came in when I saw them talking together and even laughing (which is normal with their daily conversations) as if nothing happened. They even share their dinner together, and I ate with them. We had fish and some kind of a sea eel that they were able to catch earlier.

These are the scenes I saw on the morning after that small gathering in Calunangan:


That morning I was able to visit my sisters and my uncle’s place in Isabel, and I am thankful enough to God that they were spared.

Romans 10:13 “For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.”

Here are some pictures of Leyte towns:

Isabel, Leyte

Merida, Leyte

Yolanda is probably the only girl who broke my heart this worse. It should not happen again. It has not just affected the eastern part of leyte but whole Leyte as well, Northern Cebu. and some parts of Panay.

Let us all pray for our land.

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  1. Wow – thanks for sharing.

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