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Sabin Resort Hotel of Ormoc City

 Sabin Resort Hotel is a family/business/leisure resort hotel located in Bantigue, Ormoc City, Leyte.  It is just around a km or 2 from the city proper. If you want a peaceful environment with a stunning view of Ormoc Bay and the beautiful mountainous terrain in Merida and Isabel Leyte, then choosing Sabin resort would be the only perfect option. The resort offers wide variety of services that could cater to different tourists. They offer good food and offers excellent accommodation that is comparable to top hotel resorts in the island.

Let me take you on a tour of this little kept paradise. Here are some photos below:

   A stunning view of Mt Magsanga in Isabel town, Leyte. That mountain always remind me of “Paramount Pictures.” 🙂

  Poolside image facing the restaurant

    The Restaurant/Lounge

 Poolside facing the hotel rooms and conference halls

 Skyline view of Ormoc city from the resort

   Panoramic view of the resort

Some photos of us enjoying the pool      

They also offer food for snacks or any meal.   Hawaiian pizza

 Sweet corn for only 50 pesos (just to cover miscellaneous fee)

 Yummy! C’est La Vie! 🙂

Sabin Resort Hotel is valuable to me personally because this is the place where me and my girlfriend spent our first few moments as official lovers. I made her say “yes” to my proposal for us to be officially “in a relationship.” The romantic ambiance of the place might have been very helpful. By the way, the photos above was during our second visit at the resort. We celebrated my girlfriend’s birthday there.

Anyways, if you happen to be visiting Ormoc or Leyte, then visit Sabin Resort Hotel. You would surely love your stay here.

 How to get here? Please refer to my previous entry about Ormoc City for more directions.