Cruisin’ Mactan Channel: Sulpa, Hilutungan, and Olango Islands

Island Hopping, in a more popular term, is one of Cebuano’s favorite daytime activity.  We love to hit the beaches and conquer shores.  Every weekend, the number of island hopping activities in Mactan Channel is increasing.  It is an ideal team-building activities or even family reunions.  Both local and international tourists meet along the shores of the little islands surrounding mactan channel.

Here is our Entire Island Hopping activity:

Loading From Small banca to the pumpboat:

First Stop:  Sulpa Island  

This is what it looks like when I set foot on the island 

Anchor’s up!  Set the course to the Next Destination! Matthew doing his thing.

Chitchats while cruisin’

Next Stop:  Hilutungan Island We were not able to go near the island because of some fee issues.

The waters near Hilutungan is so refreshing, but beware of the strong current.

Here are some underwater shots from Kayamann Cotiango’s cam: James Pilapil on his underwater quest.

The whole crew underwater.  Roots Revival Divers.. 🙂

Kayamann mic check

Joseph Flores’ underwater pose

Now, you might wonder why I do not have my solo underwater photo, it is actually in “about me” section. hehe..

Last Stop:  Olango Island  

There is actually nothing much to see in this area but sea orchins. 🙂

A School of Motorboats hired by Island Hoppers on a Sunday.

A day in a motorboat would be great.  You can swim, or you may just feel the gentle breeze and do sight seeing; with this, you can relieve yourself from stress.  Yeah, just splash your worries and stress away!

How To Get There:  From the city proper, you can always take  a cab going to Maribago.  You just need to contact a motor banca operator and book a day use.  After that, you negotiate and agree on where to meet.  We usually meet up with the operator in Maribago, Lapu-lapu.  (beside Imperial Palace).

Who to contact?  I do not have the number personally, but you can always search it in google.

Island Hopping, you say?  Yeah, it is really great!

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