DaanBantayan: The Detour

DaanBantayan is a town located at the northernmost part of Cebu.  You will find a lot of tourist destinations here in Daanbantayan.  Malapascua Island, one of the world’s attractive destination for divers and beach bums, is part of this municipality.  The Virgin Beach Resort (you can find a separate entry of it in my blog) is also part of this municipality.

How To Get There:  From Cebu City, you can take a bus or van bound for Daanbantayan at the North Bus Terminal.  Travel time would take 3 to 4 hours depending on the stops or the speed of your vehicle.

What is in store for me in DaanBantayan?

Actually, our trip in Daanbantayan was not really planned.  Our real plan was to get to Funtastic Gibitngil Island in Medellin, a town near Daanbantayan.  We were not allowed to sail across the island because of the bad weather condition;  Damn, just our luck!  But anyways, we took the detour and try looking for possible place to spend our getaway.  We hoped for the weather to be in favor with us the next day so that we can just go the the island the day after.  So we found a place to spend the rest of the day.  I just forgot the name of the resort.  Here are some of the pictures of the place:  

The next day, the weather was still bad so we just decided to look for another place for swimming.. And poof, ideas came out, and this is the place where we spent our Day 2:

Say hello to our new found friends!…   

We may not be able to reach our primary destination, it does not matter, because we found new friends and we were able to have fun with them.. yay! I mean, the real human friends not the animal friends.. 🙂 

Our Daanbantayan trip was just memorable, and I therefore conclude that it is sometimes good to have detours!

Flight Cancellations, Boat/Ship travel suspensions, and other trip cancellations or delays are not always as bad.  You might just need a DeTour!

Enjoy the Philippines!

To know more itineraries visit:  The Philippine Travel Itineraries.

2 responses to “DaanBantayan: The Detour

  1. Hi, unsa name sa resort ug sa kanang naa pool?

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