The Manila Ocean Park

 The Manila Ocean Park is the ultimate destination for individuals, couples, groups, or families who love to seek marine life adventures and education with entertainment in one place.  It draws tourists because of its ideal location.  It is located right at the heart of Manila, adjacent to Quirino Grandstand and Luneta Park.  It is owned and operated by China Oceanis Philippines and opened to public in 2008.

How To Get There:  From NAIA, you can just simply take a cab going to the Manila Ocean Park.  It is just walking distance from the Port Area (Eva Macapagal Wharf).  You can just easily locate the park since it is just beside Quirino Grandstand. The nearest MRT station is MRT 3 UN ave station.  If you are planning to check in a hotel within Metro Manila and visit Ocean Park, I suggest you look for a hotel within Manila central district area.

Activities & Amenities:

The Oceanarium  

Giant Aripaima

Philippine Crocodile

Red Pacu

                         Seahorses (doin some lovin’)

Butterfly fish

Horn Fish

And All other Fishes:

The Jellies Exhibit

The Musical Fountain Show  

Penguin Talk Show  

Trails to Antarctica  (real life penguins)

Snow Village  

You can actually experience snow here in the Philippines.. 🙂

Sea Lion Show  

All Star Bird Show  

There are still a lot of activities that we have not tried like Shark Encounter where you actually swim with the sharks, aquanaut, and glass bottom boat ride.  You can also find Bazaars, souvenir shops, and other establishments inside Manila Ocean Park.  They have food stalls, restaurants, fastfoods, and more.                                               

Does watching the photos of this entry entice you to visit The Manila Ocean Park?  Then obey it!  You can actually get good deals through Metrodeal and through different agents who deal promos for Ocean Park! I actually bought our tickets through Metrodeal.

Choose The Manila Ocean Park, Choose Philippines!

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