Philippine’s Kilometer Zero: Luneta, the living witness of Rizal’s Heroism

Luneta or Rizal Park is considered as the mother of all Philippine Parks.  It is located at the heart of the city of Manila just adjacent to Intramuros, the old city of Manila.  Many historical events happened here in Luneta or Bagumbayan, way back Spanish colonial era.  The park was named after the national hero, Jose Rizal, who was executed in the park thus later on resulted an eruption of the Philippine Revolution against the Spanish colonizers.  This place is very significant to every Filipino.  It is nice to spend few hours just strolling around the park or just simply spending time with your loved ones.  It is best visited at dusk and take a walk to Roxas Blvd would be great.

How To Get There:  It is easy to get to Rizal park since it is located at the center of Manila’s civilization.  From the airport or any hotel you can just always take a cab.  It is better that you stay in a hotel within Manila vicinity.  It is near LRT1 UN ave station or central station.


Watch the dancing fountain show for free.

Taking a stroll with your loved ones would be great!

                                                  Rizal’s execution site..

                                            You will also see statues of different native heroes..

Whenever you are in Manila, you should not miss visiting Rizal Park and Roxas Boulevard.  You will just find them within the vicinity of central Manila area – Near Manila Ocean Park, Intramuros, Quirino Grandstand, and Manila City Hall.


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