Welcome Netizens!

Hello Netizens!

We all know that once we turn on our computers and access the web, we, regardless of race or where in the world we came from, are the same citizens of the internet world. I know some of you came to find my blog through search engines.  I am here to share little things about the beauty of my country, the Philippines and I hope that my blog would be of help for the travelers who happens to be their first time in the country.

In my blog you will find some facts and some of my travel experiences and my preferred services.  However, I do not have broad knowledge in all the places in the Philippines since I haven’t been to all wonders of my country.  But I am making this as a crusade.  To explore the wonders of my own land.

I am from the City of Cebu, and I prefer budget travelling which is what I am doing right now, and I find it very fulfilling.  I know there are a lot of backpackers our there who travel alone, but for me I find travelling worthwhile when I spend it with my other half.  Yes, indeed, I enjoy travelling with my loved one.


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See ya and share your thoughts there!

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